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WOW seeks to provide its 200+ members the opportunity to learn about their community, support local charitable and civic activities, and socialize in an atmosphere of friendliness and goodwill. Aside from the luncheon meetings held monthly from September through May, WOW members are active in 25 clubs and activities throughout each month. In addition, several annual activities are planned where members can contribute their time and expertise or enjoy social outings with other members. Examples of these are day trips, cruises, participation in the Festival of Trees, and fund raising activities.

Noel McGuigan........A Word from Our President 

Hello Ladies,
We are busy working on our first luncheon of this year! It will be so exciting to see everyone again.  One and a half years is a long time to go without seeing old and dear friends. We will have representatives from both of our charities speaking on their plans for post-Covid programs. Be sure to make your reservations so we can give the restaurant an idea of how many will be there.
    We are still taking care of our Charities. We have had some interaction with Edgewood Children's Ranch and Mathew's Hope which will be covered on page two.
    I hope you are all enjoying the Jacquie Lawson ecards which you have been receiving for the monthly WOW greeting and for birthdays. It is our hope that they have cheered you up during this difficult time and made you smile to know we were thinking of you.
    14 of our activities are back in full swing; we hope you are participating and enjoying being active again. Our new email program, Spotlight,  is sent out by Cynthia Johnson-Guarino. It has been a big hit through the Pandemic keeping us in touch with some of the activities and projects that were still going on.  We hope you enjoyed receiving these emails.   I hope to see you at the luncheon on September 16th. It will be a a different Bonefish than usual since ours recently closed.                                                                                       

Noel Anne McGuigan, President


We are starting up our monthly luncheons September 16th !!!!

Click here for info



Jeanette Collet '14 has offered to start a Used Book Sale similar to our gently used jewelry sales. We will have our first sale when we resume our luncheons. Please start saving books you think other ladies might enjoy. The money raised will go to our annual charity. To donate books contact Jeanette@
407-240-3719 c 407-257-8265


There recently was a feature article about WOW in Butler Chain Living, May 2021. Click here to see the article.

WOW was featured in the attached article of the December 5 issue of Southwest Orlando Bulletin.  They made it their SPOTLIGHT!  Click on the link and see page 5 and 6.



Mary  Borgan

The Updated Directory including only renewed members is available here:

To access the Directory you need a USER NAME and PASSWORD. Please contact Mary Borgan at 407-929- 3030 or   for USER NAME and PASSWORD.  
    MAY 31st has passed. Why is this date important?  It’s the last day of our 2020 -2021 year. Our directory now only includes those who have renewed and paid their dues for WEST ORANGE WOMEN.  Our members miss you and our charities need you.  The Membership Application is on our website. Our dues are still $20. We want to give as much money as possible to our charities so we’re cutting costs. Due to ever increasing postage rates, as well as paper and ink costs, the cost to mail newsletters is taking a toll on our monies. So, beginning this year we are asking $5 for mailed copies of the Newsletter. E-mail copies are free! Mailed Directories are also $5, but are free via e-mail, free on the WOW website, and free hard copies are available at our Luncheons.   

Fourteen of our activities are starting back up.

2nd VP, Mary Borgan, 407-929-3030 or

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Name sound familiar but can't put a face to it? Check out our member photo album. So far 130+ members have been photographed at luncheons. Sorted by first name, you should be able to put a name with a face.
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