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WOW seeks to provide its 200+ members the opportunity to learn about their community, support local charitable and civic activities, and socialize in an atmosphere of friendliness and goodwill. Aside from the luncheon meetings held monthly from September through May, WOW members are active in 25 clubs and activities throughout each month. In addition, several annual activities are planned where members can contribute their time and expertise or enjoy social outings with other members. Examples of these are day trips, cruises, participation in the Festival of Trees, and fund raising activities.

Noel McGuigan........A Word from Our President 

Hello Ladies,
Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and we do have many things to be thankful for.  The good health of ourselves and our families, the friendships we have made over the years, and the good we have done through our charities are but a few. 
      I hope no one lets their guard down as the numbers are starting to climb again, and there seems to be a new wave as things are opening up and temperatures are going down.  We all are suffering from virus fatigue. Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines and wear your masks and wash your hands. 
       We have grown attached to each and every one of you and want you to remain healthy and be there for our first luncheon.  We have searched among restaurants and other event locations but we have not come up with a venue that could hold us and would we want to be crowded into an inside room?  
      Remember to keep in touch with friends and family during this challenging time. It really helps. 
 To help get in the holiday spirit, try to visit the Festival of Trees this year. They are doing it safely so you can enjoy a bit of a break from being stuck at home. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us on the Executive Board of West Orange Women. 

Noel Anne McGuigan, President


WOW was featured in the attached article of the December 5 issue of Southwest Orlando Bulletin.  They made it their SPOTLIGHT!  Click on the link and see page 5 and 6.


Recommended Reading

The Only Woman in the Room   by Marie Benedict 

You may remember the very beautiful actress Hedy Lamarr, film star of the 1930s, 40s, and even into the 50s, but you may not realize how inventive and intelligent she was. This book was an eye-opener for me! Loved it! A fictionalized story of her life. Pretty accurate.

Fiction        Hideaway by Nora Roberts                                   Recommended by Mary Greene

Fiction         The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See                Recommended by Cynthia J-Guarino

Non-fiction  The Happiness Factor by Shawn Achor         Recommended by Cynthia J-Guarino

Non-fiction    The AmericanStory: Conversations with Master Historians by David Rubenstein       Recommended by Barbara Aboushahba

Do you have a great book to share with our members???    Send to



Our next luncheon is in September hopefully..


    Dolores Gorman's daughter, Nichole Hogg reported that Dolores passed away on September 15th. She had been in quite a bit of pain and was now at peace. Dolores had been a member since 2008.

Mary Ellen Boise passed away during early October. Although she did not renew for the 2020-2021 year, she had been a member since at least 1998.  She was active in WOW bridge and a founding member of the Sunshine Singers. 

Mary  Borgan

203 MEMBERS!!! Hopefully, we will soon be joining WOW activities and luncheons.  We need to know if you have changed your email, phone number, address, etc.  Please email or call Mary Borgan, 407-929-3030 or
To access the Directory or Newsletter online you need a user name and password. If you forgot your user name or password, contact me, our webmistress Barbara.A.Aboushahba at or any Board member.



Charity for 2020 -2021
Nominate Now!

It is time to send your nomination for the WOW 2020-21 Charity to Mary or Kellianne Greene,  Please include a few sentences describing the charity's mission and contact information. All charities must earmark funds to serve members of the [West Orange] community without regard to religion or political affiliation.  All nominations will be presented at a board meeting.  The board will decide a maximum of three (3) of the charities to be presented by a representative from each charity at a WOW luncheon.  The membership will then do a paper vote at the luncheon; those not at the luncheon may vote by email.  The WOW Charity for 2020-21 will be announced at the following luncheon.  


Searching for a member's name?

Name sound familiar but can't put a face to it? Check out our member photo album. So far 130+ members have been photographed at luncheons. Sorted by first name, you should be able to put a name with a face.
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In light of the current health advisories and general concern, I have decided to suspend International Dining at this time. Kim C.

Book Club
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We are now meeting on Zoom so just contact leader for an invite to the Zoom session

1 p.m. - November 2nd ... The Spies of Shilling Lane by Jennifer Ryan



Check out our recipes page to see the newest favorites submitted by members: Fall off the Bone Ribs, Graham Cracker Cookies, and Spoonburgers        


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