Caps for the Troops

Materials-Washable/superwash wool (Moda Dea washable wool or Cascade 220 superwash both work great) OR Lion Brand Lion Wool (100% wool) or Lion Brand Wool-Ease, 1 skein (or any soft washable wool or synthetic yarn that will knit to gauge). Use 4 ply wool, cotton, or acrylic yarn. Washable wool is best since it can be worn on duty and is warm even when wet. Acrylic yarn can be worn off duty but not on duty since it can melt to the head if it burns. Cotton is also good on and off duty.
Colors suggested by the USO - masculine browns, blues, olives, russets and black. For the female soldiers-lilac, pink, beige




H hook
Ch 4; sl st to form circle; ch 3
Rnd 1: 12DC in circle; sl st to top of ch 3; ch 3
Rnd 2: 2 DC in each st; sl st to top of ch 3; ch 3
Rnd 3: *2 DC in 1st st, 1 DC in next st (repeat from * around) sl st to top of ch 3; ch 3
Rnd 4: Repeat Round 3
Rnd 5: *2 DC in 1st st; 1DC in each of the next 6st; (repeat around til the end) DC in last 4 st; sl st to top
of ch 3; ch 3
Rnd 6-11: 1 DC in each st; sl st to top of ch 3; ch 3
Rnd 12: Front post in 1st st; Back post in 2nd st (repeat around to form ribbing), sl st in top of ch 3, fasten
off, weave in end.


-Size 7 or 8 - 16" circular needle (or size to obtain gauge)
-Size 7 or 8 double point needles (or size to obtain gauge) NOTE: If you knit with loose or medium tension, size 7 needles will make a snug, close-fitting hat, perfect for everyday wear and to fit well under a helmet. Use size 8 needles if your tension is tight.
-One stitch marker.
Gauge: 4.5 st/in. in St stitch.
With circular needle, cast on 90 stitches. Being careful not to twist the cast on stitches, place stitch marker and join row together.
Rows 1-3: K1, P1 ribbing.
Row 4: Increasing 1 stitch in first stitch, knit around – 91 sts. Continue knitting every round for 4" above ribbing. (Do not include the edge ribbing in the measurement).
Begin decrease:
Round 1: (K11, k2tog) 7 times – 84 sts
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: (K10, k2tog) 7 times – 77 sts
Round 4: Knit
Round 5: (K9, k2tog) 7 times – 70 sts
Round 6: Knit
Round 7: (K8, k2tog) 7 times – 63 sts
Round 8: Knit
Round 9: (K7, k2tog) 7 times – 56 sts
Round 10: Knit
Round 11: (K6, k2tog) 7 times – 49 sts
Round 12: Knit
(Switch to double pointed needles when rows become tight.)
Round 13: (K5, k2tog) 7 times – 42 sts
Round 14: Knit
Round 15: (K4, k2tog) 7 times – 35 sts
Round 16: (K3, k2tog) 7 times – 28 sts
Round 17: (K2, k2tog) 7 times – 21 sts
Round 18: (K1, k2tog) 7 times – 14 sts
Round 19: (k2tog) 7 times – 7 sts
Cut yarn, leaving a 6” tail. Thread tail through remaining 7 sts. Pull tight and secure