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Recipe of the Month

Do you have a great recipe? Send it to me and I'll post it here.

Darby's newest and currently favorite recipe, from Keebler crust  packaging.

Serves 8   Preheat oven 325 degrees

1  9" Keebler graham cracker crust
3 egg yolks
14 oz. can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
1/3  cup lemon juice

21 oz. Comstock More Fruit canned cherry pie filling - chilled (has 'redder' cherries)

In medium bowl, with whisk, beat egg yolks to mix well.  
Gently mix in condensed milk and lemon juice.
Pour into pie shell.  Bake @ 325* for 25 minutes.
Then cool for 1 hour.  
Then cover & chill in refrigerator for 3 hours....and also chill cherries.
SERVE:  Top with pie filling.  Store in refrigerator. 


Cranberry Pineapple Walnut Salad      by Mary Borgan

 1 can whole cranberry sauce

2 small pkgs (.30) black cherry sugar free Jello

1 8 oz. can chunk pineapple in pineapple juice

1/2 to 1 cup walnut pieces, toasted

Drain the pineapple juice into a measuring cup.  Add water to make 2 cups.  Boil water mixture in microwave. 
Add boiling water to Jello stirring until dissolved. Refrigerate until almost set. 
Mix together the Jello, cranberries, pineapple, and walnuts.  Pour into a mold. Refrigerate until set.

To remove from mold, set the mold in hot water for less than 1 minute. 
Place an inverted serving plate on top of the mold.  Flip both together.  The Jello should release.   Makes 4 cups / 8 servings 1/2 cup each


Bean Salad

by Darby Turnipseed    NOTE:  Make 4 days in advance

1 cup red wine vinegar   
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup canola oil
1/2 teas salt
1/4 teas black pepper
1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper  
1 cup    chopped purple onion
1 cup    chopped celery
USE 12 cup bowl (w/cover)...vinegar, sugar, oil, salt & pepper.   Mix very well.
Add green pepper, onion and celery.  Mix.  Refrigerate overnight.

(ALL cans are approx 15 ounces)
1 can Fancy Dark Red kidney beans,  drain     
1 can Blue Lake cut green beans,   drain
1 can garbanzos beans,   drain
1 can lima beans,    drain
1 can cut wax beans,   drain
1 can black beans - optional   rinse gently with water and drain

ADD BEANS AND GENTLY TURN TO MIX WELL.  SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, USE SOFT SPATULA TO MIX. Serve with slotted spoon.  Will keep several weeks in refrigerator.  

DARBY'S HINTS:  I use the top of my Tupperware Cake Taker - big enough to gently turn and mix.
 I use purple onion and bell pepper and chop in BIG pieces,about size of M&M's, so I can pick out.  I use a whole green bell pepper.  
To Drain beans:  use BIG colander - (beans not drained) Dump in kidney beans, then green beans - liquid will rinse kidney;
pour into big bowl. Then garbanzos, then lima beans, then wax beans - liquid will rinse garbanzos & lima;
pour into bowl. Then pour in the black beans and rinse with water gently until all 'black-goo' is gone;
pour into bowl.  After serving first time - I pick out onion pieces to keep from tasting too onion'y. 



Pecan Pie

1 unbaked pie shell     (Marie Callender's Deep Dish Frozen Pie Crust - thawed, OR Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust - use 9 inch pie pan...OR make your own.

Preheat oven @ 350 degrees.

1     cup white Karo syrup,   room temperature  
1/2  cup sugar
3     eggs,   room temperature
1     teaspoon vanilla
3  1/2   Tablespoons  flour
2   Tablespoons butter or margarine, room temp
1  generous cup  chopped pecans

With whisk, mix in order:  Mix Karo syrup and sugar, eggs and vanilla.  Mix in the flour 1 Tablespoon at a time . Mix in butter  (will be in  'pieces').  Mix in pecans.

Pour into pie shell.  Cover edges with foil.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes until filling does not jiggle when gently moved, and is nicely browned. 

Let cool at least 4-5 hours before cutting.

Submitted by Darby Turnipseed



Pina Colada Fluff   Dessert Salad              
Serves 8

pina colada fluff3.4 oz. vanilla instant pudding mix
20 oz. can crushed pineapple in juice (do not drain!)
8 oz. container Cool Whip (I used lite) - thawed
1 tsp rum extract OR real Rum liquor is ok!
2 cups miniature marshmallows
1 cup shredded sweetened coconut
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Combine dry pudding mix & the entire can of crushed pineapple in a large bowl.  
Stir until completely combined.
Fold in Cool Whip, rum extract, marshmallows, coconut, and nuts.
Chill until ready to serve.
Optional:  Garnish with ‘cocktail’ umbrella and piece of pineapple.


Creamy Chicken Marsala






3 Ingredient (Nutella) BROWNIES                  Pioneer Woman  Feb 2016   Food TV

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F;
spray a 9-by-13-inch pan with nonstick cooking spray.

3 large eggs
26.5 oz jar = (750 G.) = 2  1/2 cups  chocolate-hazelnut spread, such as Nutella
1 heaping cup all-purpose flour

Stir together the eggs, then the chocolate-hazelnut spread, then the flour in a medium bowl.
Pour into the prepared pan and spread the mixture to the edges.

Bake until the surface looks set and slightly crisp on the edges, about 25 minutes.
Let cool slightly, then cut into squares with a Plastic Knife and enjoy!  Store air tight.


Snowball Cookies


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour

  • 1 cup butter, softened

  • 1 cup ground pecans

  • 2- ¼ cups confectioners' sugar, divided

  •  1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)


  • Mix butter until creamy, mix in the nuts and vanilla, then add flour and 1/4 cup sugar,.

  • Mix until well combined.

  • Refrigerate covered at least 30 minutes.

  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

  • Shape cookie dough into small balls

  • Bake 12-15 minutes.

  • When cool enough to handle, gentle roll hot cookies in the remaining 2 cups confectioners' sugar.

  • Cool on wire rack.

    • Barbara Aboushahba


Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (safe to eat raw)



Submitted by Mary Borgan
Serves 8 to 10


2 pounds ground ham
1-1/2 pounds ground pork
1-1/2 cup fresh bread crumbs
1 cup milk
2 eggs, slightly beaten


1/2 cups cider vinegar
1-1/2 cups brown sugar
1 tablespoon yellow mustard
1/2 cup Water






Heat oven to 350 degrees F.
Mix the Ham Loaf Ingredients together and form into 1 or 2 loaves.
Place in  9x12 or 8x10 pan with 2-3 inch sides
Mix the Sauce Ingredients together and heat in microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.  Pour over Ham Loaf in pan.  Baste 2 or 3 times during baking.

1 loaf:  bake 1-1/2 hours
2 loafs:  bake 1 hour
Let Rest 5 minutes before slicing.   Serve pan sauce on side.
Mary’s Hint:  Remove the loaf 10 minutes before baking is finished.  Top with a very thick mixture of pan sauce and brown sugar. 
Broil the loaf until the sugar caramelizes (about 5 to 7 minutes).


Seasons 52’s Beef and Black Bean Chili

Hands on: 30 minutes
Total time: 2 hours, plus one hour for marinating beef
Serves: 12

The restaurant suggests using chuck, shoulder or round for the beef in this chili, or substituting venison, lamb or bison.
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
11/2 tablespoons chili powder
11/2 tablespoons paprika
11/2 tablespoons ground cumin
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
11/2 pounds beef, trimmed of fat and cut into 1/2-inch cubes
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 red bell peppers, seeded and diced small
2 poblano peppers seeded and diced small
3 fresh garlic cloves, minced
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced fine
4 tablespoons chopped fresh oregano
2 (12-ounce) bottles Guinness stout or other dark beer
2 cups tomato sauce
1 tablespoon Chipotle Tabasco
2 (15-ounce) cans low-sodium black beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 cup fresh lime juice
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
Cornbread, sprigs of cilantro and parsley and low-fat sour cream for garnish

  1. In a small bowl, stir together flour, chili powder, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper. Rub beef cubes with spice mixture, making sure to cover all sides. Put beef in large bowl, cover and marinate in refrigerator for one hour or overnight.
  2. Preheat oven to 325°F.
    In a large heavy saucepan, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add beef cubes and sear until crispy and browned on all sides. Do not crowd pan. If necessary, brown beef in batches. As beef is done, remove and set aside.
  3. Reduce heat to medium and add onions, bell peppers, poblano peppers and garlic. Cook 3 minutes, stirring often. Add jalapeno and oregano and continue to cook and stir for 1 minute. Remove vegetables from pan and set aside.
  4. Pour beer into pan and stir to dissolve browned bits on the bottom of the pan. Bring beer to a boil and cook until reduced by half, about 4 minutes. Add tomato sauce and Tabasco and bring mixture to a simmer. Add reserved beef. Cover pan, transfer to the oven and bake 1 hour, or until beef is very tender.
  5. When beef is tender, add black beans and reserved vegetables. Cover and bake for 15 minutes.
  6. Remove chili from oven. Stir in lime juice, cilantro and parsley. Serve chili in bowls, garnished with a dollop of sour cream and cilantro and parsley sprigs and cornbread.



GRAPE SALAD  From  Mount Hebron Church "Dinner on the Grounds" in Old Fort, NC.  

4+  cups white seedless grapes  (appx 2.3  pounds)
4+  cups red seedless grapes      (appx 2.3  pounds)
(I usually use all that I purchase.) 

8 oz cream temperature
1/2 cup sugar
8 oz sour cream 

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Wash grapes and remove stems - leave grapes whole. Drain on paper towels to remove moisture.

With electric mixer, cream cream cheese to have smooth with no lumps.  Add sugar & mix well.  Blend in sour cream.

In Very Large bowl, combine cream cheese mixture and whole grapes. Fold gently to mix well.

Place in 9 x 13 dish, cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight.  Just before serving, sprinkle on brown sugar and then sprinkle on pecans.
(OK to add extra if needed.)


Captain Rodney's CHEESE BAKE DIP

1/2  cup  mayonnaise
8  ounce package real cream cheese  -  room temperature
2  cups   grated sharp cheddar cheese
2  green onions   - chopped
6  Ritz style crackers, crushed
8  slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
1/2  cup Captain Rodney's Glaze  (any flavor)
Mix mayo, cream cheese and onions till blended. Place in pie baking pan or dish and top with crackers.
Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.
Top with bacon and Captain Rodney's Glaze.Serve with crackers

I just had this dip at Annabelle Hart's store in downtown College Park; Spring Tastings. Dip was so good, I bought the Glaze which are available online from several sites including Amazon..

Darby turnipseed





Frozen Fruit, Cake Mix, and a 7-up 

Two 12-oz bags frozen mixed berries/peaches
1 box white cake mix
Approximately 1  12oz can of diet 7-up or other clear soda (might need more than 1 can of soda to avoid dry spots)

Place frozen fruit in a 9x13 baking dish. Add dry cake mix over the top. Pour soda slowly over cake mix. DO NOT stir the cake mix and the soda - this will give you a 'crust'.

Bake 350 for 45-50 min or longer until berries are cooked.

Serve with Ice Cream


crescent roll bites

1 (21 oz.) Can Pie Filling (Cherry  OR  Apple, ETC) 
2 Tubes Crescent Rolls 

1 cup Powdered Sugar  (OK to sift)
2 Tbsp. Milk

1. Preheat oven 375. 
2. Spray two muffin tins with cooking spray (If you only have one tin, you will have to make two batches) 
3. Open crescent roll cans and lay out the crescent roll dough flat. 
4. Separate into individual sections and lay each piece in the muffin tins, widest section at the bottom. 
5. Put pie filling into each crescent roll. 
6. About 1-2 Tbsp. per crescent. 
7. Gather the edges of the dough and fold up around the filling. 
(It's ok if there are some gaps.) 
8. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes.
★ NOTE: You want the tops to be brown and the dough to be completely done. ★

1. In a bowl whisk the powdered sugar together with the milk until smooth. 
2. Use a spoon to drizzle glaze over each pie bite. 
Makes 16.






Two red Apples
Two navel oranges.
Crushed pineapple. small can, drained. (Do NOT use fresh)
One cup seedless grapes cut in half.
Bag of cranberries, washed
1 large box or 2 small boxes cherry Jell-O (any red jello will work)
¼ to ½  cup of sugar.  (Optional)
 Oblong pan.

In oblong panput Jell-O and sugar  in boiling  water according directions on box. Stir well. DO  NOT ADD COLD WATER.
Cut up Cored apples and oranges DO NOT PEEL either.  Run apples, Oranges,  and cranberries through a meat grinder. This recipe predates food processors. You don't want the fruit liquified or the salad will not set. If you are able to get a pretty coarse product, then pulse your food processor.   Stir in pineapple and grapes. MIX WELL.
Pour mixture into oblong container. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Some like a little dab of  Mayonnaise when serving.



Cooking Chicken for a Salad

Need some chicken for a salad, or to top some pasta? This is the method. Bbelieve me — it works flawlessly every single time.
This method takes trust; you can't check them or really watch them cooking. But I promise that if you follow this method exactly you won't be disappointed. I learned it from the old Joy of Cooking, which gives this method its special label: Cockaigne, reserved for only their personal favorite and best recipes.
1 to 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup flour
1 teaspoon freshly chopped herbs (optional)
Olive oil
1/2 tablespoon butter

     10-inch sauté pan with lid


1. Pound the chicken breasts to an even thickness with the handle or flat of a knife.
2. Lightly salt and pepper the chicken breasts.
3. Mix about a half teaspoon of salt in with the flour along with a little pepper. Chop the herbs finely, if using, and mix in as well.
4. Quickly dredge the chicken breasts in the flour, so that they are just lightly dusted with flour.
5. Heat the sauté pan over medium-high heat. When it is quite hot, add the olive oil and butter. Let them melt, and swirl the pan.
6. Turn the heat to medium. Add the chicken breasts. Cook for just about 1 minute to help them get a little golden on one side (you are not actually searing or browning them). Then flip each chicken breast over.
7. Turn the heat to low. Put the lid on the pan. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and walk away. Do not lift the lid; do not peek.
8. After 10 minutes have elapsed, turn off the heat. Reset the timer for 10 minutes and leave the chicken breasts in the pan. Again, do not lift the lid; do not peek.
9. After the 10 minutes are up, take the lid off, and tada! Soft, tender, juicy chicken breasts that aren't dried out in the least. Doublecheck them to make sure there is no pink in the middle. If you want to be absolutely sure it is cooked, you can use an instant-read thermometer to check (the chicken should be at least 165°F). Slice and eat.





Granny Martin’s Lemon Meringue Pie
from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2 tins sweetened condensed milk
6 eggs, separated
4 lemons
6  Tbsp  superfine sugar
1 pie crust, regular or graham cracker.   Baked

Mix well the sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and the juice of the 4 lemons. Pour into pie shell.
Bake at 350 till set. (12-15 minutes)

Beat egg whites until stiff, add sugar gradually while still beating. 
Place meringue on pie with peaks, spread till touching the crust, and brown in oven for 10 minutes. Keep refrigerated.



March 2014


Aunt Jeanne’s Cheesecake

Combine the following ingredients, reserve ¾ C for topping, and press the rest in the bottom and sides of a spring release pan.

2 2/3 C graham cracker crumbs
½ C powdered sugar
1 ½ teas grated lemon peel
¼ teas cinnamon
½ C butter


Cream the cream cheese with electric mixer, add rest of the ingredients except for the whipped cream.  Mix well. Gently stir in the whipped cream. Pour into spring release pan on top of the crust, then sprinkle on  the topping.

6 Eggs, beaten
½ pint Heavy whipping cream, whipped
1 ½ C sugar
1 pint Sour cream
1 Tablespoon grated lemon peel
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 ½ teas vanilla
2 – 8oz pkgs cream cheese (room temperature)


Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour, turn off oven and leave it for one hour.  Chill 24 hours



February 2014

Lemon Shortbread Cookies
From the Kitchen of:  Lisa Tracy



1 cup butter, softened
¾ cup light brown sugar, packed
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp lemon extract
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups sifted all-purpose flour

Preheat oven to 325F.  In a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar with electric mixer.  Add lemon juice, flavorings,
and flour and mix thoroughly on low speed, scraping down bowl as needed.
Shape into logs approximately 2” long and ½” wide.  Place 2” apart on ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake 11-13 minutes, or until cookie spreads and is very light brown in color.  Cool on cookie sheet for 3 minutes,
then transfer to wire rack to cool completely.

To make glaze, combine
1 cup sifted powdered sugar
2 teaspoons lemon juice1
drop yellow food coloring. 
Add just enough milk or cream to make glaze
Stir until smooth.  Place in zip top bag and snip the corner. 
Drizzle over cooled cookies.  Let glaze set before storing in airtight container with wax paper between layers. Yield:  approximately 40 cookies

NOTE: These were a big hit at the NEW MEMBER TEA, February 10th.









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