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WOW is a civic and social organization whose members live and/or work
in Southwest Orange County, Florida



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WOW seeks to provide its 150+ members the opportunity to learn about their community, support local charitable and civic activities, and socialize in an atmosphere of friendliness and goodwill. Aside from the luncheon meetings held monthly from September through May, WOW members are active in 16 clubs and activities throughout each month. In addition, several activities are planned where members can contribute their time and expertise or enjoy social outings with other members. Examples of these are day trips, fund raising activities and volunteering at our charity.

....mary....A Word from Our President 
Hello Ladies!

I recently received a birthday card that read, “Good friends provide each other with comfort, support, and a feeling of well-being.”  Immediately, I thought of my WOW friends and how empty my life would be without them. Some of you are snowbirds and will be gone until fall. I will miss you. Fortunately, many of my WOW friends are Floridians, and we will suffer the hot summer together.
Now, let me share the rest of the birthday card… “Good friends provide each other with comfort, support, and a feeling of well-being. So do bras, but they never give the excellent advice that friends do!”  Have a wonderful summer…can’t wait to see all of you at the September Luncheon.

Mary Borgan, President



These two recipes are used for Matthew's Hope meals.

Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

Crockpot Sausage and Gravy


Thank you WOW (Women of West Orange) for your continued support and for your $6,000 Donation! With the availability of a Matching Grant through June 30, your donation is worth $12,000 to Matthew’s Hope!


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Our next luncheon will be
September 19th



Ladies, we are always happy for new members.  We are growing.  167 Total Members. 2024 New Members: 16 .  I do hope you join our Facebook page.  It's private and we have 110 Facebook Members.   The 2023-2024 Directory is online at: 
Alice Bergeson  2ND VP – MEMBERSHIP,    Cell: 248-921-6025

Now accepting membership renewals. 127 ladies have renewed.

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Name sound familiar but can't put a face to it? Check out our member photo album. So far 100+ members have been photographed at luncheons. Sorted by first name, you should be able to put a name with a face. Member Photo Album

Note: If you'd like to update your picture, just let me know at a luncheon and I'll retake it. Barbara Aboushahba


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