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Clubs and Activities

The Chairladies for Clubs and Activities are the 3rd VPs,

3rd VPs—Shari Barker’22   c 407-406-0698 and  Patti Williams’18  904-687-3625

Whether you’ve been with WOW for a few years or you just joined us, We would love for you to get involved with our Activity Groups!!!
      We need a leader for Craft Club.  So, ladies, don’t be shy - try leading a group or maybe share the leadership with another member.   Please contact me for more information.  Lunch and Laughs is now meeting in restaurants and therefore is now open to more members.   
Daytime Poker is looking for more ladies. Call Bea Pimpinella.

International Dining

nagoya sushi  international dining
International Dining at NagoyaSushi

Ladies' Day Out

The Ladies' Day Out group attended Something Rotten at the Garden Theater.

Daytime Bunco
On April 17th the Bunco group met at the home of Sue Barker to roll the dice, enjoy good food and chat.   
WOW’s  Bunco group meets  once a month and it’s a great way to meet other members quickly.  Check it out!

bunco 2bunco

Sharon Abramson, Sue Barker, Lou Ann Weeks, Jennie Forsythe, Ann Rodgers, Maria Hawke, Donna Jean Ashley, Judy Mellott, Patti Williams


Ladies Day Out - April 4th
Another great Ladies Day Out A movie at Disney Springs (Andre Boccelli The Journey )
followed by dinner at Bahama Breeze. 14 WOW ladies enjoyed music, fun and food

Ladies Day out April 4th
Back: Jan Penrose, Mary Suchanick, Debbie Erickson, Laura Radius, Lori Matthews, Jennie Reagan, Sheila Thomas
Front: Ann Rodgers, Linda Bouton, Louise Clayton, Cynthia Johnson-Guarino
(missing Joan Dullmeyer and Mary Borgan)

Howey Mansion
In March 19 Ladies' Day Out visited the Howey Mansion followed by lunch at the Mission Inn.
(More pictures on our Facebook page.)


International Dining
Leader Kim Crookshanks arranged a fun luncheon experience at Best Dim Sum near Millenia Mall for about 20 WOW ladies
on Tuesday, January 10th. The gals sat at round tables with a 'lazy Susan' in the middle. 
Some ordered entrees such as pineapple fried rice and others tried the
dim sum such as shrimp and cilantro wantons, 1369+ and sticky rice and chicken in a lotus leaf.

Sofia Mendelson received a beautifully presented entree of  walnut coconut shrimp

ladies' Day Out

From the left: Jenny Reagan, friend, friend, Debbie Erickson, Laura Radius, 
Sheila Thomas, Eileen Bergin, and Kim Crookshanks.

Ladies' Day Out Dec 16th Winter Park Playhouse


Ladies Evening Out dinner at Servando’s and a walk in Oakland Park Nature Preserve Glow Trail looks like a great time for:
Jan Penrose Jennie Reagan, Mary Suchanick, Louise Clayton, Laura Radius, Mary Borgan, Sheila Thomas, and Deidre Scott.

Halloween 2

Ladies' Day Out at Downton Abbey movie and TooJays
On May 25th fifteen ladies attended Downton Abbey: A New Era at West Oaks Mall.
Eleven ladies then met at TooJay's for food and fun.
Ladies Day Out TooJays

Ladies' Day Out at TooJays-Joan Dullmeyer, Jennie Reagan, Alice Bergeson, Louise Clayton, Laura Radius,
Debbie Erickson, Betty Ann Hack, Mary Borgan, Joann Gaynor, Fran Jarolimek

Ladies' Day Out at Westridge Winery, Clermont

On March 26,  WOW ladies, companions and friends met at Lakeridge Winery in Clermont.  The weather was sunny and cool. 
We enjoyed live music, winery tours and tastings, great food and beverages.  It was a wonderful day out.

Karen Tiffany, Debbie Erickson, Audra Overkleeft,
Laura Radius, Jennie Reagan, Louise Clayton, Cynthia Johnson-Guarino, spouses and friends.

winery 2
Jennie Reagan, Louise Clayton, Cynthia Johnson Guarino, Karen Tiffany, Debbie Erickson,  Noel McGuigan, Maria Hawke, Audra Overkleeft,
spouses, and friends, not pictured Laura Radius, Sharon Abramson.

Ladies' Day Out at the Bloom and Grow Fashion Show at Dillards

On May 1 Ladies Day attended the Bloom and Grow Fashion Show at Dillards.  Tables of five were set up along the runway for excellent viewing. 
We enjoyed a lovely luncheon (with wine) and a great view of the show with all the tables set along the runway.
Mary Borgan was one of the table orchid winners and Cynthia Johnson-Guarino had the winning ticket for the $1000 value gift basket. WOW!

mary b Cynthia



international dining 1international dining

The International Dining Group is very glad to be meeting again!

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FLEX = "come when you can group"

WOW Activity Groups and Contact Information

Many of our activities by their nature have very flexible membership, ie "come when you can".
Just get on the group's contact list then you can decide each time if you can make it or not.
They are noted with a FLEX in the first column.


Book Club    ZOOM1st Monday

Barbara Aboushahba

Bridge, Ladies Daytime (homes)  2nd  Tuesdays, 1 pm

Jane Winegard

Bunco       3rd Monday   Noon    

Jennie Forsythe

Bunco, Couples & Dining Out     one Sat./month   

Jennie Forsythe


Craft Club        2nd and 4th Wednesday, 10:00 am   ON HOLD

Leader needed


Gift for Teaching       1st Wednesday, 9 am-noon, ON HOLD

Fran Jarolimek


Hand, Foot, &  Knee        Fridays,  11:30 to 2:30   Orange Tree

Mary Borgan


International Dining       2nd  Tuesdays, 11:00 am    

Sofia Mendelson, Gail Carman


Ladies’ Day Out        monthly    

Laura Radius


Lunch and Laughs   now in  restaurants  1st Tues.    open now     

Alice Bergeson

Lunch: Casual Lunch Bunch  3rd Tues., 11:30 am, FULL      

Margaret Krass

Mah Jongg,  Advanced, Players      Wed, 11:30 .- 3 pm  full

Phyllis Horing

Mah Jongg,  Evening       Every other Tuesday, 7 pm  ON HOLD

Phyllis Horing

Pan       1st and 3rd Thurs, 6:00 pm    

Phyllis Tepper

Pinochle/Hand & Foot  2nd, 3rd, 4th Weds, 10:30 - 3:30   

Fran Jarolimek

Poker,  Daytime       Mondays  

Bea Pimpinella

Poker, Evening Every other Tuesday, 7 pm   

Sue Segal

Tennis, Intermediate players       Wed.&  Fri. 9 to 10:30

Sandra Nittoli

Joining any of our WOW Activities is a great way to meet and get to know the wonderful women who are already participants of WOW Activity Groups.  Just call the contact person to learn more. See the chart above for contact information.

The Couples Bunco group has resumed their monthly meetings!

couples bunco

Sue Segal, Maria Hawke, Klasinia Brun, Jennie Forsythe, Liz Passarelli, Noel McGuigan

couples bunco, gents

The Gents of Couples Bunco:  Arnold  Foster, Waldo Brun, Fred Passarelli, Marty Segal, John Hawke, Guy Forsythe

Lunch and Laughs - July 6, 2021

Jennie, Lynette, Pam, Ann, Margie
L & L - Jennie Forsythe, Lynette Griffin, Pam Isbill, Ann Rodgers, Margie Brennan

Joan, Judy, Mary, diana, Clara

L & L - Joan Dullmeyer, Judy Allison, Mary Borgan, Diana Touchstone, Clara O’Connell

Ladies send me a picture of your club and be featured here!
Please email a picture or two to If at all possible, include the names of the ladies pictured.

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