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Clubs and Activities

The Chairlady for Clubs and Activities is the 3rd VP,
is Shari Barker '22.   c 407-406-0698

Hello WOW Members,
We have many great Activity Groups for you to participate in and who are always looking for new members.
The complete list and contact information is included in the newsletter, as well as on the website.  Below are two new groups that are just beginning and looking for new members:

        Happy Hour Group hosted by Carolyn Conner.  The days and locations would vary. 
        Please contact Carolyn directly at or 321-278-3597 if you would like to be part of this group.

        WOW Chorus led by Sharon Abramson.   Sharon is looking for a small group of women who would perform at various locations, including nursing homes and in front of our WOW group. Group practices will begin in November and will be held on the 1st and 4th Monday at Sharon's house. 
        Please contact Sharon directly at or 407-408-0489 (cell) or 407-809-3368. (home) if you would like to join.

Other groups that have been suggested by members are a Walking Group, Painting by Numbers, and Tea Time, which would be wonderful groups to have. 
If you would like to be the group leader for any of these OR have suggestions for other groups that you would like to lead,
please contact Shari Barker at  or 407-406-0698 and I would be happy to help you get them started.
Thank you again to the Group Leaders for  all of your hard work!  We appreciate all that you do!

See Chart for activities and leaders.

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FLEX = "come when you can group"

WOW Activity Groups and Contact Information

Many of our activities by their nature have very flexible membership, ie "come when you can".
Just get on the group's contact list then you can decide each time if you can make it or not.
They are noted with a FLEX in the first column.


Book Club    ZOOM1st Monday

Barbara Aboushahba

Bridge, Ladies Daytime (homes)  2nd  Tuesdays, 1 pm

Jane Winegard

Bunco       3rd Monday   Noon    

Jennie Forsythe

Bunco, Couples & Dining Out     one Sat./month   

Jennie Forsythe

Flex ..Couples Group ..... Various Days/Times
Alice Bergeson/Patti Williams

Hand, Foot, &  Knee        Fridays,  11:30 to 4:00    Orange Tree

Mary Borgan


Happy Hour         various days/times

Carolyn Conner


International Dining       2nd  Tuesdays, 11:00 am    

Gail Carman


Ladies’ Day Out (and matinee movie)         monthly    

Laura Radius


Lunch and Laughs    1st Tues.        

Alice Bergeson

..Mah Jongg, Beginner Classes .... Various Mondays, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Sharon Abramson

Mah Jongg,  Advanced, Players      Wed, 11:30 .- 3 pm  full

Phyllis Horing

Pinochle/Hand & Foot  2nd, 3rd, 4th Weds, 10:30 - 3:30   

Fran Jarolimek

Poker, Evening Every other Tuesday, 7 pm

Sue Segal

WOW Chorus practice - 1st and 3rd Monday at Carolyn's house NEW

Carolyn Abramson

Joining any of our WOW Activities is a great way to meet and get to know the wonderful women who are already participants of WOW Activity Groups.  Just call the contact person to learn more. See the chart above for contact information. l

Activity Descriptions

Ladies send me a picture of your club and be featured here!
Please email a picture or two to If at all possible, include the names of the ladies pictured.

International Dining met at Bahama Breeze in April. Join us next month by contacting Gail Carman to get the details.

table 1
Maggie Rosario, Carole E , Louise C, Mary S, Jennie R, Mary B, Joan D

table 2
Sofia M, Darby T, Janice A , Joyce J

table 3
Loretta H, Helen C , Liz P , Gail C


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