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2023-2024 Charities


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 We are giving our charity donations to Matthew's Hope this year while doing special projects for Eight Waves also.

2023-2024 Charity is - Matthew's Hope
Matthew’s Hope deals mostly with the growing adult homeless population of West Orange.  They are now helping 1300 people every month.  As reported before, there is an increase in homeless seniors being priced out of their homes and adults with disabilities who have outlived their caretaker parents.  Also more young families are being priced out housing with rising rents.
Eight Waves focuses on the children of the under-resourced community of Winter Garden.  Many of these children are living with limited food, hygiene products, and parental support.  Many are non-readers who are failing in school.



These two recipes can be used for Matthew's Hope and Eight Waves meals.

Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

Crockpot Sausage and Gravy


In the past our members contributed to the following:

Our annual Charity Letter
Spring Egg Auction
Jewelry sales
$1000 Raffle
Change for Charity
miscellaneous charity gifts
Designated Giving with our ORANGE PIG
Food Drives
Candy for Kids


Christmas Cards

Every year the ladies fill out cards for our local veterans. this usually takes place at the November or December luncheon.


At every monthly luncheon we sell raffle tickets, 3 for a $1. Half the money collected goes to our charity, and the rest goes to the holder of the winning ticket. Cynthia Johnson-Guarino won at the December luncheon.

Charity Letters

Once a year our members receive a letter asking for a cash donation for our charity. the total for 2020-2021 was $4704.

Change Jar

Remember to toss your change in the container marked Change for Charity at the check-in table. Our new charity will reap the benefit.


WOW raises money for our charity by selling our gently loved jewelry.  Thank you to all that bought or donated jewelry.  Gently loved jewelry may be donated at any luncheon or given to a Board member.  


We are now raising money by selling used books periodically at our luncheons for a dollar each.


CAPS for Matthew's Hope

CROCHETERS AND KNITTERS - is anyone interested in making hats for Matthew's Hope for their Christmas Party in December?  Mary Greene would crochet at least one most every evening while watching TV.  If some of us start soon, we might have enough by December.  Thank you. The yarn is CARRON ONE POUND, DEEP VIOLET or any color you like.   Instructions are available for knitting as well as crocheting by clicking on the yarn.   Darby Turnipseed

Instructions (crochet and knit)


More Instructions for caps --  newborn this time!



Charity money raised at May luncheon: 50/50 -$116 to Matthew’s Hope , Jewelry -$15, Books-$ 11, Puzzles—$7.

Matthew’s Hope:   West Orange Women’s Charity Work this year was amazing!  Matthew’s Hope, our charity of the year, received a check for $6,000, money greatly needed to meet the multiple needs of homeless men, women, and children in our community.  In addition to the check, we:

  • ¨ Served 8 monthly breakfasts of sausage, gravy and biscuits, cheesy hash brown potato casseroles, fruit, cake, and ice tea with more breakfasts planned for this summer.
  • ¨ Provided sandwiches for a ‘To Go’ lunch.
  • ¨ Contributed a great amount of food and cash in November and May to stock their pantry.
  • ¨ Delivered 1 ½ SUV’s of toys plus 4 bags of stuffed animals and 34 gift cards (for older children)                 for their December carnival.  All children in West Orange County were invited.
  • ¨ Donated $500 in food for an emergency re-stock of their pantry.           

Throughout the year, we were able to continue our support of Eight Waves with a total of 6 dinners.  Highlights include a fantastic Italian dinner party in December for the children and their families, with homemade dishes cooked and donated by WOW members.  WOW contributed a cake, water, and paper products. The children received stuffed animals donated by WOW members.

In February, WOW provided a Valentine dinner in downtown Winter Garden and the children received a Valentine goody bag.  In March, WOW provided an Easter dinner for the community.  Members generously cooked and donated dishes and WOW furnished the hams.  The hygiene drive in April resulted in a bountiful supply of products that were distributed to an appreciative community.

WOW was able to achieve all of this through the generosity of our members.  The annual charity letter raised $3,795 and the January Treasure Sale raised $283.  The ongoing 50-50 drawing and the jewelry, book and puzzle sales added many dollars to our charity coffers.

Please help us find and select a charity for the 2024-2025 year by nominating a charity, either one that we’ve supported in the past or a new one.  Charities must earmark funds to serve its members without regard to religion or political affiliation.  Please describe how the charity serves the community and how WOW might support it.  Provide the name, mailing address, phone number and email of the contact person at the charity.  We need your charity information no later than July 15 so that the board can select three viable candidates this summer.  Please send your nominations to Patty Goonen at

The WOW Charity Selection Committee will decide on three (3) of the nominations to join us at the September luncheon to make a short presentation about their charity to the members. Voting is held at the September luncheon by paper ballot and also by an email ballot. The charity with the greatest number of votes is our charity for the year. Your input is important!  Please help select our charity for the 2024 -2025 WOW year.

OUR FINAL REQUEST – as you travel this summer, please save hotel provided soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and other hygiene products for Eight Waves and bring them to the September Regular Meeting / Luncheon . They will be gratefully received!
                                                Patty Goonen, 4th Vice-President, CHARITY 2024 - 2025


Collecting hygiene items for 8 waves

Collecting Hygiene items are Karen Tiffany, Sara Meyer (8Waves),  Laura Radius , Patti Williams. The ladies of WOW filled the back of this SUV with basic hygiene items for the children served by 8 Waves.  Always needed are TP, toothpaste, deodorant, and feminine hygiene items.

8 waves

Eight Waves Italian Dinner workers - Mary Kelsey, Lill Gividen, Jennie Reagan, Karen Tiffany, Laura Radius, Mary Suchanick, and Bridget.  Not pictured Jan Penrose.

MH meal

This summer, several members of WOW volunteered at Mathew's Hope to prepare and serve food for the patrons. Everyone was appreciative and loved the great food, especially the wonderful biscuits and gravy! Thank you, Karen Tiffany, for organizing this event and thanks to everyone who cooked and helped serve. Cynthia J-G, Jennie R, Shari B, Lill Gividen, Karen T, Mary S, Laura R, ? (Not pictured is Alice  B. who also brought food and Debbie Erickson)

.-Laura Radius

A message from Matthew's Hope

The Homeless of our community are simply a reflection of society. They are us! Nurses, Teachers, NASA Engineer, Pastors, Executives, Prostitutes, Abused Women & Children, Foster Kids, People suffering with Mental Illness, Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Drunks, senior citizens.... Life can change swiftly. It doesn't care what color you are, how successful you have been... What role are you playing? 
               We are excited to share that our new Matthew's Hope Chest Store and Boutique opened on Saturday August 22 at 10:00 AM! The Store features real wood furniture and home decor, much of it custom built, repaired, refinished or repurposed in our Hope Chest Workshop. In addition, the store offers wood furniture and decor that can be purchased as is, prepped for refinishing or we can completely refinish pieces to your specifications.
               The Hope Chest Store also features a Boutique of higher end clothing that has been donated to Matthew's Hope but is not useful to our homeless friends. These items are sold to purchase the items we do need. To learn more, make a donation of wood furniture, decor or clothing, please contact 
Can you help?
Feeding, providing hygiene and clothing to hundreds of people each week is a daunting task but with our Community Partners, we have been able to continue, even while others have stepped back, stepped away, or shut down all together. Can You help in some way, partner with us, or just need more information?
Please call 407.905.9500 or contact us at info@MatthewsHopeMinistries.  

(We also need Canvas Bags to put it all in... maybe your business has some Promotional Canvas Bags you can spare?)

Single Serving Food Items Needed:

Ramen Noodles
Fruit ( Mixed, Mandarin Orange,
 Pears, etc.)
Canned Meats (Vienna Sausages, SPAM)
Beef Stew
Pastas with Meat

weenies and beanies
snack crackers
granola bars

Please no expired food or food that needs to be prepared
Gatorade or Crystal Light Single Mix Packets
Instant Coffee (Small)

Travel Size Hygiene Items:

Wet Wipes/Wet Ones
Gold Bond Powder
Men's & Women's Shaving Cream
Men's Razors
Toilet Paper
Men's & Women's Deodorant
Insect Repellent

Jeans (New/Gently Used) small sizes
Running or Mesh Style Shoes (New/Gently Used)
Men's (New) Boxer Briefs
Ladies (New) Underwear, gently used bras
Ladies Sports Bras (New or Gently Used)

To donate financially, TEXT MHM to 41444 or or

Donations can be delivered or shipped to 611 Business Park Blvd. #101 Winter Garden 34787 Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm or by appointment. Please go around back of building by the Hope Chest Workshop with donations and look for the Arrow.

If you can’t get by to bring pantry items to us, would you prayerfully consider ordering online and having your donation delivered directly to us; or donate financially instead in the same amount you may have otherwise purchased? Without you, we cannot continue to care for the homeless men, women and children of our community.

Meal Sponsors Needed
Over the past few months we have been blessed to have had a number of individuals, families, churches and local businesses sponsor a Breakfast or a Lunch. Each has either prepared or purchased enough food to feed about 125 people each Tuesday and Thursday since our Matthew's Hope Ministry Response Team was forced to go mobile due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.
It costs $200 to $250 to sponsor a breakfast, and about $350 to sponsor a lunch. Hope Church, The Crossing Church of Clermont, Chick-fil-a, Subway, Jersey Mike's, and Hardee's to name just a few have come alongside us to keep it going. Would you prayerfully consider being next?  Desire to help in some way or need more information?   Call 407.905.9500 or contact us at


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